Pointing test Bubble to test API

Hello everyone,

I am working on a website that uses Bubble as the front-end and Vercel as the back-end — they talk to each other via Bubble’s API Connector. Vercel has a production version, but I would like to add a staging one for better testing. Production and staging versions will have different URLs, hence different APIs. I know I can add a development API key to Bubble, but that doesn’t help because, as far as I know, test Bubble app and production Bubble app are meant to call the same URL.

Another option is to add proxy or something that would redirect Bubble’s calls depending on the API key provided. I do not want to do this as it’s too expensivefor the scale of the project.

What else could be done?


You can dynamically fill the whole url. Just use [url] to replace with the correct url when calling API. You will use isnt live function with :format as text. In yes set the dev url and no the live url