Popup: entering input fields closes the popup

Ive added a button to open a popup, simple enough. However as soon as i place the cursor into the first field of the form the form closes. In the workflow on the popup i have
(a) create a new client (thats the form) (b)reset relevant inputs (c)hide submit client popup

I removed (c) as this hide function i guessed was closing the form early.
Now that i have done that, i enter details into one field and as soon as i enter the next field the form submits without a chance to complete it. Any suggestions on what can be causing this as i simply want the form to take the data to the database which should be simple enough

What action are you running the workflow on? Maybe some screenshots of your workflows would help here…

thanks adam

im early days but trying to follow a few tutorials Creating a Popup Form | Build Your First Bubble App [9/20] - YouTube . This is the one im following but just cant get unstuck