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Popup in reusable element

I am using a reusable element around 100 times on a page. Each of these reusable elements contains a button which displays a popup.
As of now the reusable element contains the popup, which in practice means that the page contains 100 identical popups. Does this slow performance and page load? I feel like it would make more sense to have a single popup which is shared across all reusable elements. Is that possible? The button’s workflow is located in the reusable element, so how do i make it show a popup which is not in the reusable element.

Hello @nico.dicagno

Consider placing the popup inside the reusable element

This will eliminate the remaining 99 :smiley:

Hello cmarchan
Thank you for your reply

The popup is already inside the reusable element. Im just worried because I use the reusable element many times on the page, hence the popup is also placed many times. Doesnt this make the page load much slower because bubble has to load all the copy/pasted popups.

The reusable is loaded only once on the page. You are accessing it from 100 different origins within the page.

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