Elements / Popups On Every Page Any Other Way


Is it me or correct me if I am wrong but you need to have every element and popup on every page that needs it for example

if I have a header under reusable elements and the menu has an element say “User” which under the workflow toggles a menu/group does this menu/group need to be on all the other pages?

i have just tried to work it so that the header is placed on the index page and i can call the menu/group as it does not exist on that page so have to copy and paste it over?

i know if it was built within the reusable element of the header this will be included but what about other use cases

say i built a pop up for cancelling an item this again needs to be on all the pages that use it?

sorry of this sounds sloppy just 8 days on bubble

Hi @i.naseem.in24,

Welcome to Bubble! Yes, in order for a reusable element to be utilized, it has to be placed on every page where you want to use it.

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Ken Truesdale

would this not affect load times of the site in essence if you have loads of hidden popups and elements/graphics?

But isn’t it actually the opposite? You would only load elements that you need for that page, so you are reducing the load, not increasing. Now, if you happen to place multiple copies of the same reusable element on the same page, I am fairly certain that Bubble caches those elements to reduce the overall load.

hmm maybe you are right… i have very little experience in these things right now but everyday i am learning from the awesome community

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