Popup with close button, reset data

I’d like to have a popup component that.
#1. automatically come with a default X (close) button/text on the right-upper corner. (so user can click to close the popup.)
#2. all the input components can be reset automatically when the popup shows up on screen. ( and “set status” can be setup in workflow)

any comments?

So add an icon and create a WF to hide popup when clicking the icon.

In the WF add step to reset data before showing popup.

I know ~
I wish I can create a popup that does that for me automatically, so I don’t have to do #1 and #2 every time I add a popup in my app.

Just make a default template one and store somewhere in your app copy and paste it with workflows anytime you need it.

You can create a reusable element, for example.
Or as @chris.williamson1996 proposed - store a “template” on a separate page.

I see i can add a button/text to close the popup in the reusable. but ,
to reset all the input components upon showing the popup, I have to setup workflow on each page where use the reusable.
There’s no way I can set it up in the reusable popup. correct?

Why not? When you are creating WFs within RE element - they are also become reusable.

oh, i see. thank you!!

Not sure if that’s the best option to reset content while opening the pop-up. You can test it, btw. If the content will reset fast enough or you’ll see the act of data reseting.
Usually I have a two step WF: reset data + open pop-up.

I try to reset like the screenshot above.
and there’s an issue:
e.g. I have a button on the popup.
I setup WF: if user click the button, set it to not-visible.
so, in production,

  1. the popup show up.
  2. user click the button,
  3. the button will be become not-visible.
  4. user close the popup.
  5. user open the popup again.
  6. I can see the button is still hidden.
    I thought the RESET can make the button back to the default status (visible), but it doesn’t.
    is there a way to fix it?

“reusable element” doesn’t work because I can’t edit it after I place it on my pages.

I don’t like copy and paste, because if I modify the original popup in the template, those pasted popups will not be updated automatically.

You don’t have much choice then dude…you have 4 options here. Pick what’s works best for you.

  1. Reusable elements are edited in a separate area centrally, not on a web app page
  2. If you want - you can convert reusable element into a separate instance on a page (but if you change RE - detached element will not be updated):
    [New Feature] Detach reusable elements on the canvas

@ericwuu just FYI, REs are more powerful now:

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