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Reset Relevant Inputs in Popup not Working

I’m using reset inputs in this workflow once the popup is visible.

Yet it doesn’t seem to reset inputs:

See video: Screencastify

It looks like the difference is I am using my inputs in the same workflow as when I am resetting them.
Here is an example that works:…?debug_mode=true
Here is the editor:
Examples4forum | Bubble Editor

Hi, interesting. You’ve worked around the problem by not using the reset relevant input action. I see that instead you create a temporary database object and display it as data.

I’m not sure I could do this, since in my app design I am pushing the product as an item in the popup, which is the parent of the ingredients to be added.


  1. open “add ingredient” popup
  2. reset inputs
  3. send “product” as data to the popup
  4. create the ingredient and set the product as parent

Anyway, should the reset input not work as normal? (I’ve used it before in other apps without any issue).


I followed your approach and made create the new ingredient item upon launching the add ingredient popup.

  • When saving I basically edit the ingredient with new values from inputs, then reset.
  • When cancelling I then delete the ingredient item.

Re-opening the add ingredient popup works fine.

However now, with the edit ingredient popup, I had the same issue. When opening this popup, I send the current ingredient data and populate the inputs with that ingredient’s values.

And yet, if I click on edit ingredient, then edit some values, then cancel and close the popup. Then if I re-open the popup, the ingredient’s values are not showing, but my last input still shows instead! :open_mouth:

Edited one more time: to solve the edit situation, I need to reset relevant inputs after opening the edit popup and populating the ingredient data.

Solved now.

In summary:

  • Create a data item and send it to the form/popup
  • Delete or Edit item on Cancel or Save respectively, reset inputs.
  • When editing, populate the data item in form/popup and reset inputs.

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