Position is filled Looking to Hire someone to customise a template - short deadline

HI All - I have made a hire now. Thank you for your response.


Im looking to hire someone on short notice to customise a product hunt style template. Ideally, looking to have this done in the next 48 hours.
If that deadline is not possible, then within the next 2 weeks


or this:


  • Change the categories in the Database
  • Change search bar on home page, and Filter Home Page Results By Drop Down Menu
  • At the moment home page shows results by date, but should all just be one repeating group
  • Make Mobile Responsive
  • Data privacy settings - so people can only access the data appropriate to their login

Thank you

Hi :wave:t2: Amit,

I can help you :raising_hand_man:t2:. I sent you a PM:



Hi Amit,
I’ll like to help you develop this app. Here’s a link to my previous work.