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Possible to add tripadvisor reviews?

Hey guys,

I’m actually working on a google and tripadvisor reviews display in reapeating group in order to manage these reviews directly from the app.

For the google part, it’s ok. I manage to display the reviews in a group and I just have to find a way to edit the answer directly from my app.

Concerning the tripadvisor part… Well, I’ve been looking for a way to do it for three days and nothing had come to work at all. So, I started wondering is it is possible or not ? I found nothing about this on the forum.

What do you think guys ?

Still looking for answers…

Tripadvisor has an API you could look into.

Thanks for your answer. I already Saw that but to use their API, I need to fill a form… I also need to have a company name which I don’t have. I’m just doing tests for my dev training.