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Post api in api connector

Hi there , I am trying to format the following in the api connector. it is a post to the following url

“apiKey”: “MERCHANT_KEY”,
“pickupDetail”: {
“name”: “Rupert”,
“phone”: “1234567890”,
“address”: “57 luscombe st, brunswick, melbourne”
“dropoffDetail”: {
“name”: “Igor”,
“phone”: “0987654321”,
“address”: “105 collins st, 3000”

How can I structure this in the api connector? I have set header as Content-type application/json, tried putting apiKey as a header and a body parameter, none worked, have entered body parameters like this booking[pickupDetail][address]. it is working in postman

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Ok I have made it work if I put the parameters in the body as json , and use dynamic values using <>

Can you share more info on how you did this? I’m trying to set up the swift API and can’t seem to figure it out.

replace the static values with dynamic variables surrounding the variable with “< >”