Post API workin in Postman but not in Bubble API connector

I’m getting a success response in Postman for an API but I get
“There was an issue setting up your call.
Raw response for the API
Status code 500”
when i try setting the same on bubble. Can you please let me know what I’m doing wrong?

Can you please help with this??

Do you POSTman with empty values too?

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Check hidden headers in postman and make sure it’s aligns with bubbles one.

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No I used some default values on Postman, I wanted the values to be dynamic allowing the users to change inputs on the website itself, hence left them black. I was able to initialise the call when I filled the values up, but I’m unable to find the API on selecting the “Get Data from external API” field. Can you help with this issue?

Clicking Manually enter API response may help, if it says you need to reinitialize it.

@vladimir.pak tried entering the API response manually, it didn’t work

Hi @krishna.bharath2323 :wave: !

Some calls made with Bubble must have a “/” in the end of the URL. Can you try?

No idea, sorry.
Your call type (Use as) must be data and it must be initialized. If it doesn’t help, well, then that could be anything… Try refreshing editor with Ctrl+F5…

are you trying to “Get Data from external API” via an action? If so, you need to change “Use As” to Action

Dealing with this problem yesterday- try changing content-type to Content-Type

Can you share API doc url?
Can you also share full setting in API Connector including headers and same with postman?
By the way, in postman, you have an array to start, not directly an object . Add [] brackets around you JSON payload