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Post body from API action workflow not being received

I have an API workflow that is posting data to an external endpoint and my bubble logs seem to tell me that the parameters im sending are resolving to values but when I check the logs of the service I’m sending the request to, the body appears to be empty.

Here’s how I’ve set things up in the API post:

Here’s the workflow settings that send the data:

Here’s a log of the data appearing to be sent:

However when i look at the logs of the request in the external service, no data appears in the body, it’s just an empty string.

Any thoughts? Data privacy issue?

Do you have a content type header for json?

I assume you mean in the api connecter call? I do have a json content type header as a shared header for all calls set on it

I suggest that you first test using a Inspect the call to be sure everything is correct and see if the issue is from Bubble or from the API service. It will help you investigate this

Ok ,figured it out – it seems you cannot define both a raw JSON body in the API connector + the structured parameter above it.

Exactly. You need to choose one. I think you can set a Querystring (checkbox) and it will work or set the query directly in the url and it will work too.

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ya, sort of a duh moment after the fact – sooo, why do they have the ability to do both I wonder? is it so you can form more complex objects using raw?

feels like you should have to choose your option first so end user can’t do something like this :slight_smile:

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I agree that since Bubble have the raw option, it could be less confusing to have the raw body only when you select this option.