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"Post"ing from One bubble app to another bubble app

I’m using a single database, but 2 different app’s to get data

App A → Main Database (“Purchase” Table - Name, item price)

App B → UI to enter purchase details

How can i use an API to “POST” data to “App A”'s Table “Purchase”

Enabled all API’s (WF, data etc). Read the endpoint concepts, but no ideas how can i create/post things, when i click “Submit” button in the purchase UI on APP 2.

Hey there @melon,

You can use the Bubble App Connector to accomplish this.

Hi @johnny - Bubble app connector is able to “GET” only, No way found to “POST” data to App A

Finally got it working through series of steps involving Backend WF, With bubble app connector, its not possible to “POST” only get is possible as per my experience

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You need to create in app A api call with fields you want to send.
Then in app B create backend endpoint to recive the responce.