Bubble app connector Help

Hello, hopefully, someone will have this answer to this question. I’m gonna give scenarios so hopefully, I can make it more understandable of what I am trying to do and for more bubblers who are looking for this answer as well.

So my question is how can I connect my apps together. I want to have live updates to data across the platform.

Scenario 1: Ecommerce
Think you have “App A” which is the store that holds product data aka things about the product like Model#, SKU, UPC, price, picture, etc. This is what the customer sees and purchases products. There are no user profiles.

Then you “App B” this is the backroom for employees. This also holds product data like inventory and stuff. You have a limited amount of a product that you want to release at 3:00 pm so you wait till 3 and update the inventory on that product. There are user profiles for employees

Scenario 2: Analytics

In “App A” you have a sports stat site, like ESPN that displays the player data after an event/game. There also blog posts and roster updates. This is where the user interacts. There are no user profiles.

In “App B” is where the data is managed /created and the post is created. There are profiles for employees.

I hope these basic scenarios make sense enough to answer. Is this stuff possible and if so how? there is no forum post on how to connect apps.

It’s easy enough to access data from one app in another via the API connector, and to trigger actions in one app from another using API workflows.

Although it might be worth considering the logic of having two apps, and just have everything in a single app (certainly the two examples above would be much simpler in a single app).

But, it’s certainly possible to access one set of data from another - you just need to set up what can and can’t be accessed via API in your app settings on the ‘API’ tab.

If you want to trigger actions in one app from another then you’ll need to create API workflows and endpoints, which can be triggered from another app.

So then the app connector needs API to work? Do you know a forum post or something to help me set this up?

The reason why I want to have separate apps is that I don’t want user profiles, I want to be able to edit data on the backroom app or App B and have the changes display instantly on app A. I don’t want users to even have a trace of a backroom through the main app. like “espn.com/admin or espn.com/backroom” I want this stuff to be hidden and I feel it would be easier to have separate apps.