POST Stripe API call to create webhook

Faced issues setting up POST request

Can’t understand what is the issue

enabled_events should be a list, tried a lot of approaches, all failed

did you try?


this works:

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no, would try now



Perfect, !!!
It helped !!!
Thank you so much!!! Spent 4+ hours on this already

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@vovahumnytskiy what is the use case for creating the webhook?

I understand that Stripe allows us to have webhooks send to our Bubble app and have implemented it in my own app, but it seems like you would be triggering the webhook from your bubble app and I don’t know enough about APIs and Webhooks to know of a use case for what you are doing.

Interested to learn something new.

I need to create Stripe webhook from Bubble aim to avoid me users doing this mannually. Each user give me his Stripe secret key and I create webhook for them in their Stripe account. They just don’t want to spend time learning Stripe interface

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