Stripe Webhook attempts failed

Hi all,

I am trying to create a webhook to call data from Stripe to Bubble (both Bubble and Stripe are on developer/test mode) to complete checkout sessions.

1- I enabled the workflow API and backend workflows

2- I created a new API workflow on the backend workflows

3- I clicked on detect data

4- On stripe, I created a new webhook endpoint

5- I completed a checkout session

6- The checkout session succeed on Stripe, but the webhook is always pending

7- As a result, the API does not work on Bubble


Any idea why this happens?

Thanks a lot!

hello this must be a recent issue because around 10 days ago my api web hook for this specific instance was working and I come back to work on my app a few days ago and I have the same error message and I have tried redo but with no joy

is anyone else having the same issue?

I reached out to Support and will let you know if we come up with a solution for that!