Post to FB (encoded url issue)


I’m not sure if this is a bug or what but I have an API request which creates a Post on a Facebook page. The API is passing 3 things to : Access Token, Message, Link.


The Link (URL) parameter is what I’m having issues with. The Link I need to pass is one with parameters, for example:

If I take that Link (as it is) and use it in the post request then when you click on the Facebook post, it loads this:

So, I tried again, this time encoded the ampersand so it read: and when I posted, the same thing happened.

What’s bizarre is that if I make the call straight from the API connector plugin screen, by clicking on the Initialize Call button with the URL as:

then it works fine and the & symbol appears in the link after you’ve clicked on the post.

I’ve set this up an Action so I put my parameters into it. Is it me? or is there something going on with the way characters are passed?


@NigelG have you experienced this before?

Fixed my own problem! Does help if you change the right workflow action, doh :slight_smile:
For the record, %26 in a literally string works as expected, and the Encoded URL option also works.


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