Post with muliple images


Is it possible to create a single post but with multiple images and information within the bubble framework? Or is a plugin required to help make this happen?

An example already out there would be the Instagram carousel which has a maximum of 10 images for 1 post. I have got the system working to upload photos, and logged in users to be able to discover other user posts, however I’m struggling to find out how to have multiple images for a post with information visible too. When users on the platform click on the post, all the images will be present too, instead of just 1 image.

Would appreciate any sort of advice or help on this.


If interested, I’m available to talk through your problem live (am currently hosting free office hours - see here).

In any case, what you’re trying to do is possible, we just have to build the right structure. In your definition for your post thing, you should add a field for photos.

If you want your photos to have title, captions, etc. then you should create a new Bubble thing called Photos which has the following fields:

  • image
  • title
  • caption
  • whatever other info you need

Then, add your list of Photos to each Post it should belong to. Capping the list at 10 (or what have you) is accomplished by simply not allowing your users to add more photos to a post.

Hope that helps, Remember, I’m still live here to answer questions for another 30 minutes.

Thanks for the response @zelus_pudding.

Would it then be a case of using repeating groups to display the data? How would I be able to make it viewable for users containing the data?

That’s exactly right - once you have a list of images you can show it using a repeating group that displayes each image using the image element or by displaying the image as a background in a group element.

I have set up a discovery page, like instagram has, but I’m now struggling to find how to make the whole post images appear in the popup?

So it would be a case of seeing 1 image, then once 1 of the images is clicked, the popup shows all the photos and info of that particular post. Is this possible?

This is definitely possible - many folks around here have done something similar, including Bubble themselves. See here for an in depth guide through how you may do this. I also highly suggest you go through the starting Bubble tutorials (as accessed on the bubble homepage) as those will teach you the fundamentals quite concisely. Best of luck

I have looked into this previously, and have copied a lot of things from the article and youtube tutorial. However, the issue is now applying multiple photos/images to 1 post, like the instagram carousel. This would be the last obstacle in what I am trying to create. From what I have seen, only 1 image can be created per post.