Showing a list of images when pop-up is shown

At the moment I have a system where users make a post by uploading multiple photos. There is a repeating group displaying all posts. When a users post’s thumbnail is clicked, the popup is shown and in that pop-up I would like a repeating group to show all of the photos that they uploaded in that post.
My workflow for when the post’s thumbnail is clicked is (Show Popup) - (Display data, Current Cell’s Post). I can’t figure out how to show all of the post’s photos in a repeating group. Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Place an RG in the popup. Set the RG’s type to images, and source to patent group’s posts (replace with the field of the post that has the list of images).

  2. place an image element in the first cell of the RG. See the image to current cell’s imagr

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Yeah I’ve tried that but it just gives me a blank repeating group. It’s weird because if its 1 photo on the post it works, however if its more than 1 photo it goes blank and does’t work. I’m using the multi-file uploaded plugin, so could it be a bug?

Are all photos actually being saved and stored against the post?

Yeah so I have a posts data type, and in that I have Image, which is list of images. @nomorecode

Can you post your app link so we can take a look? Remember to set to view only. Should be pretty quick to figure out…

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The post named ‘Trition 20 TRX’ is where it bugs up with the multiple images (2 images), as the other posts only have 1 image. @Nocodify