Postmark API or Bubble issue SOS

Hey, everybody!
I’ve been connecting the Postmark API through the API connector, with an array that will populate the template with rows in a table as dynamic inputs are received.

And I initialised this API call, I got an email with the correct data.
But when I try to send an email using workflow, I see error 403 invalid request field(s) in the logs and the email does not arrive (even with private values as in the initialised API call), I checked also on postman that the API is correct and I got the email.

I’ll attach some screenshots below (with API connector, an error in the logs, and a screenshot of how this displays the date in the JSON body)

I had similar error code recently. The reason was a trailing comma within the template model that made the JSON invalid, and reaching out to the Postmark customer support was very helpful in finding it.
I would also try removing the line breaks in the Bubble Expression (first image), it’s been a while since I set it up for my app but I recall removing line breaks somewhere

Did you have initialisation occur along with the errors?
And I don’t have a comma at the end of Template Model
I will try to remove all the line separations and merge everything into one line, am I right?

Many years ago I think this helped because I still have it like that in my app. But I can’t recall exact details. Other than that I would suggest reaching out to Postmark support as well to see if they can look into a recent failed response

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