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Postmark is awesome

Just use the workflow action, there’s nothing else needed. Apart of entering your API key in the plugin tab.

This code generates an error when initializing the call in the API. Anyone knows why?

@johnny do you mind taking a look at it? I think you´ve got this solved already right?

I´ve just found that the issue was in the URL since I had to put “

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For sure, I’m not 100% on this, but I don’t think you can do batched templates with Postmark on Bubble. What I do recommend doing is just creating a backend workflow, then scheduling the emails from a list.

I would use this API:

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Actually I think you can if you send the list to Postmark @johnny

I need to take a deeper look but I´ve tried sending batch right in the API connector and it works with Message streams.

Yeah, I’m not 100% sure. I’ve only used Postmark for basic stuff and when sending a drip just scheduling a recursive workflow using a Broadcast stream

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Hi everyone using Postmark, I received an email about upcoming changes just like you, and I’ll be making tests in the next days to see if it will affect us or not and then publish it here.
Since I don’t have a direct channel with plugin users, I’m posting this here :yum:


I saw that email as well, wasn’t exactly sure what it meant for us

Thanks @vini_brito

Question, how would Postmark rate vs using MailChimp for Transactional Emails? Is it both the same solution basically?

Hey @underhill.dan,

I personally haven’t used MailChimp for Transactional Emails. I’ve only used Sendgrid which was horrible for me, and Postmark (which I’m still using). But just from looking briefly, it looks to be more expensive compared to Postmark. I’m also not 100% sure how Mailchimp’s Transactional email delivery is, but Postmark’s email delivery has been amazing for me so far.

I guess to answer your question, they are both transactional email services and have their own pros and cons, but they both have the same overall purpose.

Hope this helps :blush:

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Hey all,

For those using Postmark, I’ve reached out to them to understand their new updates a bit better and if you’re sending emails through Postmark’s API then you should be good because we’re using TLSv1.2.

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Hi @vini_brito – any insights so far? Thanks again for your help!

How are you handling “system” emails like password resets? My understanding is that there’s no way around using Sendgrid for those (i.e. that Bubble uses Sendgrid for those, without exception). I didn’t learn that until recently. Do you pay for both Sendgrid and Postmark?

I’m using Postmark exclusively and for Password Resets you can actually just create the token instead of actually sending the email - it’s on the Send Password Reset Email action, and then send the token through Postmark

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Hey there @sudsy,

You can do something like this that @afterthoughtsystem posted: SendGrid Warning for Newbies - #31 by afterthoughtsystem

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Thanks, @gf_wolfer and @johnny. I had, in fact, read about that approach; but then I got the following reply from Bubble support…

…which confused me. :confused:

You guys have convinced me that it is indeed possible to dispense with Sendgrid altogether. Thanks!



It’s the “you should still expect to need to configure Sendgrid” part that confused me.

Yes! Not sure what they’re talking about because I’ve been using this method for about a year or two now even when I was on Sendgrid.

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Hey everyone I released a new feature in my plugin and I finally created a dedicated thread for it here, check it out :blush:: Richer Postmark emails plugin ✉ [Update of 16 march 2021]

It’s about batch emails and variables in the email bodies so you can send customized messages to a batch.

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Hi everyone, just tested this upcoming security update from them, we’re safe :relieved:
No action necessary.
@johnny @ryanck @ed727