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Postmark is awesome

Thanks a lot @vini_brito

Awesome, thank you!

So am I able to transfer all emails including transactional emails like password resets, over to Postmark?

@sudsy were you able to figure this out?

Yes you can

Yes, it’s possible to completely transition away from Sendgrid to a different transactional email provider, as others have stated. I think there was a misunderstanding on the part of Bubble support which resulted in their rather confusing reply that suggested otherwise.

I’ve completely transitioned from SendGrid to Postmark and it’s been awesome!!!

My transactional emails hit the inbox (not spam), I’ve had no issues with blacklisting and I feel I have more control over the look and feel and have MUCH more professional looking emails + the analytics in Postmark are much better than SendGrid IMO. With sendgrid almost all emails were going to spam, I had been blacklisted by Yahoo and AOL and it was becoming a real issue. I have quite a few transactional emails too.

I use @vini_brito free postmark plugin, use a free Stripo account to do the email templates (copy and paste HTML in to plugin) and you get a huge amount of emails for $10/month in Postmark. So cheap, so easy, such better user experience. Only a few hours work to completely transition and I was starting from no knowledgebase of the process so this included the learning curve/googling etc.

And this is only my 3rd month using/learning Bubble to give you an idea of the level of experience you need (i.e. very basic).


@ryanck @NigelG

Have you guys been able to send batch with template? I can get it to send with a handful of emails. But as soon as I try to send to a larger chunk of emails (lowest I’ve tried is 250) it simple won’t do anything. It doesn’t give me an error in the console, just does nothing.

My only guess is that it doesn’t automatically go into the Broadcast Stream and the regular stream just goes, nope! if the email count is higher than X value? Not sure if/how I would tell it which stream to use in the api connector?

I’m a little perplexed by it not giving me any error, I would have thought that there’s an error code for using the wrong stream or something. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It is not for that. Native Postmark is a transactional email product.

You need to use the “Message Stream” for bulk.

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Hey Nigel,

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. I’m trying to use the broadcast stream for sending bulk email (as per the API doc). I never have any issues with the transactional stream.

Sending bulk by using the batchWithTemplates endpoint does work, but only for a small amount of emails. Sending 5 emails goes through and it’s all great. But when I try to send 250 emails nothing happens.

So I’m left wondering if connecting to the batch endpoint does not by default use the broadcast stream (as I would have expected) and it needs to be told which stream to use?

So I’m wondering, have you successfully sent +200 emails in one API call to the batch end point? If so, perhaps you can let me know what I’m missing :slight_smile: if there’s a way to send a stream ID in the API call that I have missed. I does not include a stream ID in the test call available in the API explorer from what I can tell.

Anyone else have an issue with live mode workflows?

Have you got all the data you need in the live database to create the email?

They solved it already :yum:

Hi, Did you figure this out. I want to set up newsletter for my product and dont know how to set it up with broadcasts from postmark.
Any help here would be appreciated.

Postmark is really awesome for fast and reliable email delivery services.

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Just wanted to add another endorsement for Postmark. Having tried Sendgrid & Mailgun in the past for transactional and inbound emails I have to say Postmark comes out on top. Really clear API documentations and a service that just works.