Postmark Template Plugin: how to send html content generated through a rich text editor through the plugin?

Hi @lindsay_knowcode,

I need to send user generated content from a rich text editor through a postmark template.

Ho can I do this with your plugin?


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What rich text editor features you are looking for?

Example, something like bold text, or more advance?

(You can send html designed email layout through Postmark if that is enough)

Thx for your question: basic bold, italic, lists, links.
And images… though that might be harder as the RTE uses base64 code for images (I was expecting image urls).

You can do all of that with html, including the images, by using bb code

Good thing with Postmark, they have the HTML visual tamplate builder that you can create an email layout with, and use Plugin at Bubble to send the html template that you created at or elsewhere.

With the plugin you have option to play with the Rich text editor, but with html you can created more customized email templates.

Thanks for your reply.
So I have to cut and paste the HTML from Postmark’s template builder as I understand it.

What about base64 images, generated by the RTE? Can Postmark handle that?

Now I understand Gmail and other email clients may not render base64 images, so I may have to find a way to include the image url rather than the base64 version.


Not sure about the base64, it should be fine.

I am sure that uploading images at your own Bubble application data, it will be uploaded at Amazon’s servers - with a link that you can use as the base64.

Not much experienced with those keywords, such as RTE, speaking of no-code-developer, without code previous experience.

Try in this way than, and let us know about the Google and rendering - that I would love to know more about as well :slight_smile:

:Upload image to your data base, open the data filed, open the image, it will open in a new tab as the Amazon’s sw file that you can use in html.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards, Toni

Thx Toni, RTE is the rich text editor. I give my users the ability to send emails to their customers. So they type the email in the rich text editor.

The way you mention won’t work in my case: I’m not the one uploading images, my users are, in the body of the email.

I struggled with this for a while in my own app and recently solved it within my own Postmark API calls, so maybe it would work in the plugin you mention.

The key to getting the HTML and user uploaded images was using the Advanced RichText plugin combined with Bubble’s :formatted as JSON-safe operator. This allows the user to upload an image right in the RTE and for me to extract the RTE as HTML instead of BBcode, and pass that along in the JSON to Postmark.