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Powerpoint Slides, PDF files etc in Bubble App [ SOLVED ]

Does anyone know if files such as powerpoint, PDFs, will display in a Bubble app? Here is what I am trying to achieve, I want users to be able to upload powerpoint, PDF files etc and have them display within an app…

Thanks in advance!


This is more of a browser question. If you use an iframe and if the browser displays the file natively, it should work.

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Thanks @emmanuel, so how would you make the link from Bubble assuming the file have been uploaded from app then display it in an iFrame? I’m confused…

You can grab a Powerpoint Online’s html embed code and just paste into an html block.

There are probably many other ways to do this, but essentially you are looking for the hltml embed codes, and add that into a bubble html element.

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Hey @NigelG, thanks much for for the demo, truly appreciate it… What I was looking for though is to allow users to upload powerpoint presentations into an app I am working on then somehow display the powerpoint in the app, similar to uploading a photo or video… Same for PDF files…

BTW, I’d love to work with you if interested, kelvin at :slightly_smiling:


For my two cents, it seems a bit redundant to upload a PowerPoint rather than just display it… Though I’d be using Google Slides in any case.

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Yes, the point was that you can do this putting the file somewhere “public” and iFrame it into Bubble.

Onedrive, Google drive etc

Bubble uploads to AWS, I if you can find the URL of an upload you could paste this into the HTML above and see what occurs.

Or see if you can ping it off to Google drive … Getting the file name back and into the HTML might be interesting.

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@lonetour, how would you display it in a Bubble app?

Embed the HTML as with MS Online. It works the same with Google Slides.

You could even make this dynamic, as long as someone has made tier Google Slide public, they could copy in the Sheet and it would dynamically show that sheet.

Have updated the forum app page to show this along with a couple of example sheet ids.

Using the Bubble Amazon upload proves tricky, as the iframe doesn’t have access to the file. You can display it as an image but not sure that will work as a presentation. Needs to be somewhere public ?


@NigelG, this may work for what I am looking to do… Will give it a try. Thanks a million, truly appreciate it!

Used an HTML element with iframe tag, works with PDF uploads. Nice!


Hi ON2, could you elaborate a bit on your solution? Did you use the AWS link or did you store the PDF somewhere else?

Also, if you don’t mind sharing what you included in your iframe, I would greatly appreciate it.

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@bablbooks, here’s what I did… I used a File Uploader and an HTML Element

< iframe width=“1180px” height =“1200px”
src =" Fileuploads Value"< /iframe>

Let me know if it works for you :slight_smile: