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I’m trying to build an app where a user uploads .ppt or .pptx files and the same will be displayed within the app on a view (another) screen. Struggled a lot about how to do it by myself but couldn’t figure it out. Can someone help me how to find the user uploaded ppt file and display the slides, and how to add a comments feature below the slideshow, allow people to like this presentation, etc?

To be more clear on what I’m trying to do, please check
It lists all PPTs on the home page with some icons like a favorite, download, share, etc.

The card has the company name and presentation name.

When you click on a card’s presentation name it will display (render) the presentation file for example

if you click on the company name it shows the all company info along with the slides and additional presentations from that company

This is the closest site that I could find to give you guys as a reference to what I’m trying to build.

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Hi !

Can someone please help me achieve the above??? I’m trying to figure out how to display the user uploaded powerpoint presentation file in my bubble app. Not sure how to display the file contents like the one in the

Please help me.

Will this work for you?

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