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Praise to Bubble: best tech out there in years!

I had to congratulate the Bubble’s founders - it’s a revolution. my dearest tech toy right now (along Bungie’s Destiny :smile:). It’s challenging, it’s addicting and limitless.

I think the last time I got so excited about some new tech was iPhone’s Siri reveal…
Bubble provides so much power - it’s incredible fast how you create the UI, DB and “code”/logic, and all by yourself!

I just can’t think of any platform that changed the way we create web apps so significantly. And I’m anxious for each new feature.

Bubble gives power to anyone create something cool on the web, it doesn’t matter if its a personal or business project, its amazing.


Completely agree ! Though I cant wait enough for the mobile app framework which could be a major revolution


That is it, isn’t it. You can do cool stuff…for fun. That is the revolution. I have little Bubble side projects that are just the result of something I thought about at 3am. No practical value, just for fun.


You can definitely build something of practicality, of course. What I love Bubble for? MVPs.
Pre-seed investors get a kick out of seeing an MVP without much investment. Brilliant.


And add in some traction on your MVP…

“Looks what I built, on my own, with no code… and look how many people are using it”.