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Thank you bubble!

For the past 6 months I had been looking for an online application builder. I found appery but it required some coding which I didnt know nor wanted to do. Then I found which offered an online database and I had more flexibility but it was too limited. Since I couldnt find anymore, i was about to sign up for knack but something told me to keep looking. I searched google for no coding tools and somehow I stumbled upon the founder of Kollecto’s Ted Talk about how she created this art searching app without code. Then she mentioned bubble and my search was literally over.
The ability to create completely custom apps and connect to other APIs without code is something that no other tool even comes close.
At this point Im building a couple of apps that I had in mind and will be sharing the journey here.


Welcome to the bubble forums!

It’s phenomenal the empowerment bubble brings, the learning curve is dramatically reduced compared with traditional programming frameworks. Keep at it, read and watch all the tutorials, ask plenty of questions and you’ll be crushing it in no time!