Prebuilt team management and team subscription?

Are there any prebuilt team management and team subscription templates/blocks etc for Bubble?

Looking for something to use in a pay-per-seat, team based SaaS product.

This would include features such as -

Team management:

  • Have different user roles, such as Admins and Members in a team
  • Allow Admin users to invite people to the team, with the email flows and other invite steps for this.
  • Allow Admin users to edit members details, and remove members from the team

Team subscription:

  • Allow Admin users to look after billing details and payments for the whole team using a Stripe connection
  • When a new user is added to or removed from the team, adjust the billing rate accordingly.

I assume that this use case scenario is not that uncommon. Is there something like this already out there?


Spent a while trying to figure out how to build it but a block would be excellent.