Predefine the date for the current month Date Picker

Is possible setup the Date Picker after open the page to current month like when i open the page on date 14.2 the date picker will have Predefine from 1.2 to 29.2?

Thank you

Hello mj.martinjavorsky,

First lets call the date pickers “DP1” and DP2".

On each element you must set it like this:

Initial Content => Current date/time change date to 1
Initial Content => Current date/time rounded down to month

PS: you can then set minimum date and maximum date depeding the logic you are building

Initial Content => Current date/time +(months) :1 :change date to 1 +(days): -1
Minimum Date => DP1’s value (this way the user can’t select a date before the DP1)

Kind regards,

Hi @Bruno_Duarte

this is the Magic!
thank you very much!

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