Prefilled facebook post - Refer Friends


I want to create a little ‘refer friends page’ within Bubble.

Basically, when a user presses a button, for example, a Facebook button. Their app gets opened and they can post a message to their line. I also want this post be prefilled. For example: ‘Everybody, check out this restaurant!’. No image is needed.

How do I do this? :stuck_out_tongue:

All you can do is put some text on the page and say “Hey, copy this maybe”.

Oh I see, thanks Nigel. This ofcourse is bad UX.

Guess I have to figure something else out.

You could have a button to copy to the clipboard so they can paste.

Still not great.

No exactly haha.

I do did find something useful for Whatsapp just now from:
You can add a workflow to open an external website and put in this link: whatsapp://send?text=blahblah

That should open WhatsApp on the user’s device and share whatever text you want it too.

That works like a charm on Mobile, got to find how to do this on facebook now. :slight_smile:

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