How to create a referral program?

Hi! I’m hoping to create a referral program similar to Trello where if a user shares my site and then someone else creates an account, the original user gets “Gold”.

So I have a few questions:

  1. Can I dynamically create a unique URL for each user to share with friends?
  2. How do I track that someone created an account from that URL?

Thanks so much!

Currently, Bubble doesn’t offer this feature. I’m the founder of a company called ActionWins that is an API and JavaScript plugin that makes adding in-app refer-a-friend features super easy. I’m working on a direct integration with Bubble but for now you could use our JavaScript plugins easily. We’re in Beta but if you’re still interested in adding this to your app I’d be happy to help walk you through it. Feel free to reach out to me directly,

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Sounds good Alex. I’m looking to setup a referral incentive system in my app as well the api sounds good, just signed up on your beta.

Awesome! Glad you signed up. Feel free to reach out to me if you have anyquestions.

Well, yes it does. You can add the Userid of the referrer to a link, then read in the parameter when someone clicks on the link, store it on the virtual user, and when they sign up … run something to credit the account of the referring user.

Now, managing the whole thing, and setting more complex rewards … you might be better off if a dedicated referral tool. But for something simple, Bubble will do it.


Ok yeah, that makes sense. Not sure how easy that would be to setup for a non-technical user but I get what you’re saying.

Very cool @NigelG. I’m definitely looking for simple so this approach is pretty good. I just want them to share a link and if 5 people click on the link then they get a Badge - they don’t even have to signup just spread the word. They can keep doing it to earn Badge 1…x So your suggestion seems like a good approach that I will work on.

Hi Nigel, I was wondering, if you add the Userid of the referrer to the referral link, won´t that break the link? Example: if I put on my browser “”, that link won´t work. I guess I have not got your idea yet. Could you please elaborate more on how to do what you are saying with this solution? Thanks!

This sounds perfect, but I’m not familiar with the term ‘virtual user’. You’re saying there’s some way to save info to a temporary user profile before someone signs up?

Yes. As long as they are on the same device and cookies are available then you can save things onto the user without them being signed up.

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