Preload images before showing page


I’d like to preload a couple images before showing a page (so that it does not appear afterwards), is it possible ?

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Here’s a possible approach:

  1. Create a Hidden Group:
  • Add a hidden group element to your page. This group will contain the image you want to preload.
  1. Set Up Workflows:
  • Create a workflow on the page load or an event trigger that you want.
  • In this workflow, make the hidden group visible. This action effectively loads the content of the hidden group, including the image.
  1. Add a Delay:
  • Add a delay action to the workflow to give the image some time to load. You may need to experiment with the delay duration based on the size and loading time of your image.
  1. Navigate to the Next Page:
  • After the delay, add an action to navigate to the desired page.

Alright thank you that seems good.

Is there a way to display the group containing the images while still keeping it hidden somehow?

Display whilst keeping it hidden? You want to display OR hide it?

If I’ve understood correctly, to preload the images, I need to display them on a different page just before navigating to the target page. However, I don’t want the images to be visible until I’ve arrived at the specific page…

To be honest I am not entirely sure how to achieve what you’re trying to do. Try asking ChatGPT as sometimes it helps, say that you are using

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