Preset Page Width

I would like to know if my target audience for my app will be majority mobile/tablet users, should I be building my app from the Mobile Preset setting?

I am currently trying to build it from the centered setting and then with the responsive feature but thats not working out to well for me as everything starts to compress together.

I would just put it in the custom setting, as tablets are much wider than 380px. Some phones too actually.

I always just develop my sites in custom, usually like 1200px wide for desktop sites but sometimes more. That way it looks good on desktop and I can make it look good on mobile.

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Awesome, I will take that approach. How should I keep the elements from mushing together?

With 1200 px width, you will target actually 97% of the desktop width. So I also use the same Width and use responsive setting.

Thank you , I appreciate the help