I cannot make the page go under 300px width


I am building a mobile site so i started by using the preset page width for mobile, which is 380px.

Now that i’m almost done with it and was looking into sorting out the responsivity issues i noticed that the minimum width i can decrease the page to is 300px.

I need to be able to decrease the page further, as the market i am building the app for is using low-tech devices, where resolutions of 280px width (or lower) are still popular.

However, the Responsive module seems to simply be stuck at 300px and won’t let me decrease it further.

Any ideas of how i could bypass this restriction?

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Are you sure your page’s minimum with isn’t 300px?

Regardless, you should be able to take care of responsive without having to go to 280px or lower.

Thanks for the quick answer and i am sure, yep. My page width is set to 380 with min width set at 74% (which is 281px).

However, I managed to find a mobile screen emulator that would allow me to test with custom widths and apparently my page keeps scaling down so it doesn’t really get stuck at 300px when getting rendered.

However, it’s quite annoying that Bubble won’t let me test that inside the Responsive module.

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What type of devices are you targeting that have a 280px screen? Really curious about the use case on that

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I am targeting a few African countries, where 50% of my audience has mobiles with resolutions under 300px. Indeed, those are-low tech devices, many of them being just feature phones. Oh, and Opera Mini is king there :slight_smile:

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Wow! Good luck, that’s an ambitious market to serve!

Thanks! I guess i’m going to need it!