Presto - Lock Scroll iPhone Safari

Can somebody verify if the Presto plugin, by @Taiheta, function works on iOS devices and specifically an iPhone X using Safari?

I have it installed. Set my page to be locked. It works fine on my desktop, but testing on an iPhone X it doesn’t work.

Am I missing something or does it not work on iPhone?

hi, it should work this is the library I used:

I’m not using bubble much anymore or maintaining any of my plugins but iirc there should be a field needed for safari, should explain it in description.

Here is how to accomplish this just with Javascript:

You will need either the Components or Toolbox plugin in order to run JavaScript from a workflow.

Step 1: Place javascript element so that it is visible when scroll will be locked.

Step 2: Add “Execute with Javascript” or “Run Javascript” to your workflow and paste in one of the code snippets below.

Step 3: To unlock scroll, run a javascript action with the script at the bottom.


Lock at top of window:

$(document).bind('scroll',function () { 

Lock at bottom of window:

var body = document.body,
html = document.documentElement;

var height = Math.max( body.scrollHeight, body.offsetHeight, 
html.clientHeight, html.scrollHeight, html.offsetHeight );

$(document).bind('scroll',function () { 

Lock on element:

var elemntheight = document.getElementById("BubbleElementID").scrollHeight

$(document).bind('scroll',function () {