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Prevent Accidental Deletes in the API Connector

Bubble is an amazing tool! I have a suggestion:

In the API connector the ‘Collapse’ link and the ‘delete’ icon are very close together and could cause someone to accidentally delete an API when they just meant to collapse or expand the option. Could the collapse and the link be further apart on the page to avoid accidental deletes?

Attached is a screenshot:

There is a dialog box to confirm no?

In testing a dummy api, you’re right - a confirmation to delete appears.

I just wrote this because an API seemed to disappear while I was working briefly in the API connector. It’s a mystery to me why this happened since I didn’t purposely delete the API and I did not see any confirmation to delete if it happened accidentally. So I deduced that perhaps I hit the delete icon instead of the collapse link. Anyway the mystery remains.