Prevent closing editor

I just want to ask why there isn’t a “prevent closing” on the editor page, I keep closing it accidentally? so that will be great to implement it, or is it impossible ?

This would be a helpful feature. I don’t believe there’s a built-in way to prevent closing on Bubble’s end. What I do in Chrome is pin the tab to the window (right click tab -> Pin Tab) which at least prevents accidentally clicking the close tab button.

Oh yes, thanks for the tip

Did you mean that “it is impossible to do so?” because there is a prevent closing when there is a connexion probleme like that :

when closing tab it show :

which is a confirmation to close (in french)

I’m not saying it’s impossible, there are definitely close tab/window warnings prompts when making edits in a browser (by design with JavaScript). I haven’t seen this happen on Bubble that’s all I meant. I did a quick search in the Google Chrome Extension store and found a handful of “tab locking” add-ons, I didn’t install any to test since they require reading and modifying page data. This may be the best solution for the time being. I do think Bubble should implement this feature, we can’t be the only people who have accidentally closed the editor in the middle of work… worst outcome for me in the past was deleting an element, ultimately losing the Undo history/ability to bring the element back after accidentally closing the window.