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Prevent data loading "pop-in"

I have a single page mobile app where people select items from a repeating group and then a new group opens with detailed information about the data selected. Think of, selecting a candy bar from a list of products and then opening it to see detailed nutrition info etc.

The problem I am running into is that the first time it is selected, the page loads but then the data populates creating a sort of “pop-in” effect. If, in the same browser session, I go back to the main page and re-open the item the information is already there and it does not pop in.

Are there any tips or tricks to make the data load BEFORE the group shows up the first time? It really ruins the smooth experience I am going for.

Can you set your app to ‘everyone can view’ and share the editor link. Or share a screenshot.

uploaded a recording to my google drive.

first load has the pop in, you can see the second time its loaded there is no popin and the information is already there. Trying to figure out how to preload the information for a clean UX

So i’m assuming that clicking on the up arrow is what makes that popup appear. Is that also the workflow that changes the data to be displayed there? If so, maybe change the data before then, like when the item is originally picked?

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No, not quite. Up arrow just reveals the element. The data is set when the item is first clicked from the RG

This happens because bubble fetches the data “just in time”, which is when the hidden group is unhidden.

Try this: On an always visible text element go to condition. Make a condition that is always true that uses the data that is shown in the hidden group. E.g. if the data type is “sneaker details”, make a condition like:

If sneaker detail unique id is not empty this element is visible.

Because you force bubble to do something with the data, it will get preloaded, so it’s instantly visible when the arrow is clicked


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give that a shot

boom! Totally worked, also preloaded the brand logo on a repeating group and had that preload as well.

Thank you!

You are welcome :slight_smile:
Its a nifty little trick that avoid those annoying hickups.