Group visual glitch on first showing

I have a number of groups on a single page that show and hide based on user selection. Most of the groups are not visible on page load. I am currently experimenting with simple show/hide and the various animations built into Bubble. One problem I am running into is that the first time a group is shown, for a split second it shows at one size and then quickly resizes to it’s appropriate size. (Size is determined by the Repeating Group it contains.)

Is there a way to “pre-load” the element so that it’s size is properly set when it shows the first time? Is there something else I am missing?


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One more possibly related issue. Some of my groups contain a repeating group and one of those doesn’t properly display the data the first time it is shown. I know the data source is set and is pulled because a button is working for each cell, but the text elements are not displaying the first time this group is shown. If I click a button that switches to a different group and click back, the text elements display properly.

Right now, I am assuming both of my visual glitches have something to do with properly structuring my workflow, but I’m not sure I understand enough about how actions are executed to figure out what’s going wrong.

On the other hand, it may be something else altogether. Maybe someone here happens to know something I should be watching out for.

Hey, I don’t mean to be pushy, but I would like it if someone could speak into this. I’ve I’ve phrased the question wrong, or I’m just being dense, please let me know. :slight_smile:


So right now, I am thinking that maybe I need to just have all my groups visible on page load and then hide what I don’t need with an on page load action so that they are all ready when I want to show them later.

Is that the correct approach?

Maybe try putting the repeating group inside another group that doesn’t collapse? Then it will be a fixed size possibly.

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I’ll give it a try

It’s hard to know why your repeating group isn’t displaying the data the first time. If you share the editor or at least post pictures, that would be helpful. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid that didn’t work. I grouped a few groups into a singe group that is visible on page load and doesn’t collapse but it had the same issue.

Ok. To share an editor is it normal to make a copy of my app?

You can do that, or also just allow View and not Edit :slight_smile:

I can’t replicate the data display issue today, perhaps that was the other day when there were a few Bubble issues? Not sure…

Here is a link to the preview:

I think I did that right.

If you click the nav items on the left you’ll see that the groups resize as they appear the first time.

I don’t even see that happen at all. Maybe your internet connection or computer is slow possibly? It looks smooth on my side.

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Thanks for taking a look. :+1:

I’m definitely seeing an issue, but you could be right that it’s just me. I’ll leave it for now and try it on some other computers when I get a chance.

Thanks again

also try another browser. That can help too.

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I’m using Chrome, but have same issue in Safari. Will try some other configurations.

I see the problem. I experience that as well with my repeating groups. It seems the RG displays before its list contents are rendered. Unfortunately, all I can do is confirm that it’s an issue. I don’t have a resolution. I would consider it a cosmetic bug.

I suspect the reason it happens only the first time is because the data are cached, and so subsequent “reveals” don’t actually result in new database requests.

I don’t know if making all RG’s visible on page load will solve the problem, but it might adversely impact the load time of the page, since all the data will be “pre-fetched” when the page loads instead of being fetched only when the user wants to see it.

Whether or not that will be a true performance issue depends on the amount of data being fetched, I guess. It might be more noticeable with time as your data set grows.

Thanks @sudsy

Seems to me like I have a two options:

  1. I could ditch my card based design because having a background color to the group is what makes the glitch so jarring.

  2. I could preload the group but if I do that, I may want to insert a loading screen. That would not be a bad solution in my circumstance.

I’ll keep working on it.

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