Prevent Multiple Signups From Single User

I was wondering what people might think is the best way to stop a single person from creating multiple accounts on an app. Going in, I know that no solution will be perfect, but some of the ideas I have thought of around using IP addresses might not be all that great since it might create a lot of unwanted false positives.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or strategies!

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I think the IP address is probably the best way to go on sign up. Save the user’s IP address in the user data type. Then when signing a new user up you can check the current user’s IP address against the database before signing them up. If they are already in the database then send a error saying you already signed up with a different email address.

Why do you think there will be false positives?

Of course, they will be able to sign up on different devices. Not sure how to stop that.

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Hope that helps! :blush:

Maybe phone verification could do it ?

Thanks @J805, that is a simple enough solution. I guess I am only somewhat familiar with IP addresses after doing my research. My understanding is devices on the same network can share the same exact IP address - which would potentially be a source of false positives. Correct me if I am wrong of course! I could implement this immediately if you think I am being too cautious.

@vnihoul77 I really like that idea as maybe a more long term solution since it is much harder to create multiple phone numbers compared to multiple email addresses. Any plugins/APIs you might recommend?

According to each computer has it’s own IP address.

Hope that helps!

@lortie.jason I was using Clicksend SMS (there is a plugin available very easy to use, and pretty cheap) combined with a random number generator plugin to send verification code.

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