Email Validation for Aliases (Unique Sign Up)

I’m aware of the ability to flag invalid emails as well as the ability to email a unique activation link to confirm the email is real; however, is there a way to confirm which email address responds to this activation link?

I ask because email aliases ( and show up as unique users when they are the same (i.e., emails to both aliases will hit the same inbox). Based on my understanding, emails can be received through these different aliases but can only be sent from a singular email address.

If the ability to see the sending/responding email address, you may be able to check that against those already signed up on your site. This prevents people from reusing intro promo codes over and over again with different aliases.

Thanks in advance.

Hmm… never thought of it like this, but maybe something to consider if you want only 1 account that can be created per user is just limiting it by IP addresses. Only allowing 1 account per IP address to be created.

For the app I work on, we had a lot of goofy email addresses, so we just created a verification system where the user has to punch in a unique code to get verified and once verified can access certain pages. Also, I’ve recently switched over to Postmark, and once an email address hard bounces, then it’ll put it in a suppression list where it’ll never send to that email address again until you manually allow it.

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The IP constraint is a good suggestion. Do you know how this can be implemented inside Bubble?

I like the email verification and suppression idea.

I was thinking a workaround to the single account per user would be a text message verification. No phone number aliases. Downside is I expect people are less willing to share their phone numbers relative to email address so likely to hurt conversion rate.

Yes this is possible in Bubble.

I agree with this, I would be less inclined to sign up with my phone number compared to email.

I think you can use regex to remove the dot, you would have two displays in this case. The actual email used to sign up and the user’s filled in email. User won’t notice anything as long as he/she can long in.

p.s. Don’t ask me about the regex :stuck_out_tongue: , you might find the answer on the forum or by asking community members with regex skills :axe:

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Thanks, should be good with IP, couple leads below for anyone who cares:

Regex is good suggestion too, have found a few other ways to create quick aliases though that this wouldn’t capture. Clever approach nonetheless.