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Prevent password reset email when email doesn't exist

I noticed that when a users email doesn’t exist in the database, the system will send an email with a password reset link. Is there a way to validate that the email exists and if so, send the email, else if the email does not exist to only display a message about a password reset request being sent, but not actual send the email?

Use conditional “Do a search for User: (email = input value) count is not 0”

Hi @walterfiggeroa ,

Where did you see that ? Because Bubble automatically checks if the email address exists and returns an alert when it doesn’t. See screenshot of logs below.



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That’s was my first thought too, but did not check

@arthur.kieffer when I test for the password reset link, I used my actual email, and it sent me a password reset link. I get it should have checked, and not sent the email.

I checked the logs, it says that it errored out due to the fact my email doesn’t exist, I never received there error, however I still did receive an email with a link to reset my so called password. When clicking that link, I get taken to the password reset, I can enter a new password, that’s when it errors out.

I want to make sure the email doesn’t get sent. I want to be able to have it when the user clicks the button check if the email exists, if it does send the email and a display a popup an email has been sent, and if it doesn’t exist, to just display the popup that an email has been sent. I will have to give that a try and see if I can get it to error out properly, and just display a message. and @arthur.kieffer, Thank you for the help, I figured it out, I was half asleep last night when I checking workflow error functions and custom error popups.

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Hi, Thought I’d recycle this thread rather than starting a new one. I have been playing with the password reset workflow and it doesn’t seem to be throwing an error when the email doesn’t exist. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Replying to update that I have solved my issue… it WAS failing, but I didn’t realise the logs were not showing me everything. I had to “show advanced” over to the right and check “Sending email failed” and voila, it shows me that the email failed to send.