Prevent scroll beyond popup?

Hi! How can I prevent user from scrolling beyond popup height?

If you are not using IOS then you should have no problem using a bit of CSS and javascript using bubble plugins to inject the CSS and Javascript on opening popup.


For IOS I still haven’t found a good 100% solution.

I don’t know how to code. CSS would be hard for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

You can try to see if there’s a conditional for preventing scrolling when pop up is visible.

If not, you can try using a floating group as a substitute for a pop up so that no matter how much they scroll, the floating group is still visible.

There is not a conditional for that unfortunately.


Try the floating group method then.
Use it to cover the whole page, then set it’s opacity level to about 70.
Then put a normal group over it, it’ll have the feel of a pop up where they can see the background faded out and scrolling but the popup “follows” them.


Yes, that is a good method. I was just highlighting the fact that there is not a conditional on the popup to make no scroll on page available so that the poster doesn’t waste time looking for something that doesn’t exist and can focus on your suggestion that does work.


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