Disable scrolling beyond Floating Group

How can i disable scrolling behind a floating group?

Example(mobile): I scroll on the page but when i open the floating group i want to scroll in the floating group only.

Every time i open the floating group i can scroll outside of it, and that is very irritating, does someone have a solution for this?

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Hello, can I access the app editor or test app?

Following because I would also like to know the solution to this!


If you can, provide me with a test application with that condition so that I can explain with it.

I will explain the steps to you. :+1:

Hi there

Thank you for offering to help.

Here is the page causing the issue: https://zebrahood.com/version-test/mobile_new?debug_mode=true

If you click on any of the images a floating group will pop up but as you can see, if you scroll while the pop up is open it will scroll behind the pop up.

Is this what you meant?


As it is a mobile page click on inspector and change to iPhone size so your screen doesn’t get jammed by the pop up.

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Hello. @airbabble

Why didn’t you use the pop-up?

The feature of floating group is that it floats on the main screen.

For your case, you can use pop-up and with a few settings it will be exactly like this floating group.

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Great idea, thank you.

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Actually @NoCodeDataArtisan I don’t think a popup will work as it appears in the middle of the screen, and I want the group to float up from the bottom and be attached to the bottom of the screen. Do you know if this is possible?

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You can use custom code or plugins like this:

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It’s true that the default pop-up mode is very pop-up :joy:, but if you set the size to 100% width and height, now you have a full-screen group in which you can create anything inside it.

Also, you can use group focus in this way.

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Thanks for this, I will check it out. My current work around is to just cover the background with white so the user doesn’t notice the weird scrolling :grimacing: