Prevent users from running the app on multiple tabs/windows

I know we can log out users if they open a new session, i.e. log in from another device.

But can we prevent them from running the app on multiple tabs/windows?

I don’t want users to hog resources by running multiple tabs of the same app.

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 10.05.07 AM

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 10.07.29 AM

Is this what you are looking for? If you create a workflow for each page under “When Page is Loaded” you can add this action into it so that every time someone loads a page, it makes sure there are no other sessions under this user.

Thanks for the reply! I’m aware of that but it doesn’t work if the user opens multiple tabs on the same browser and same device. It’s treated as the same session.

Ah, dang. I haven’t tested it so I thought maybe…

How about this though: Prevent Duplicate Windows/Tabs Plugin | Bubble?

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Thanks, will check this out!

So I can’t help on the question, sorry :grinning: but I’m curious on why you’re wanting to do this for my own learning and general curiosity really

Are you running a resource intensive app and hitting capacity limits, and you know that’s because people are running heavy task loads across multiple tabs? Like how did you come to the conclusion that you needed to do this?

It’s never crossed my mind to implement something like this is all. But I guess there would be specific use-cases where this might make sense - i.e. I can’t watch Netflix or listen to Spotify as many times as I want concurrently. But I guess outside video/audio streaming - where would you implement this?

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