Only one usar active

Hi, how can i limit that a user has a single session open?

Well, you could do something like the solutions proposed here, if you’re a regular web developer:

But, AFIAK, there are no Bubble plugins for this. It’s kind of an interesting idea and there ARE cases where one might really need to do this (not just lamebrained license protection sorts of ideas), but there’s no demand for this so it won’t be me making such a plugin.

Curious (well only slightly) as to why you think you need/want to do this, OP?

Maybe I don’t understand your post, @argenislsierraalta, but can’t you use the Log out other user’s sessions workflow action? So, when a user logs in, use that action to log out any other session they might have open, and then the user will only have a single session (i.e., the current session) open.

Hello the issue is that when a person opens their session on a device, the app can detect that this user is trying to open another session on another device and not leave it because they already have a session open

Hello , thanks for the information, what i want is that only one session per device can be opened

Why? But seriously… why?

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