Prevent visitors from using the "Save image as..." option on my websites images

How do i prevent visitors from using the “Save image as…” option on my websites images? this option is available in any browser when using a right-click

I have seen people just use a group as an image and then I wonder if you can put another group inside of the bottom group the same size, just make it transparent. Would that work?

Here is an example:




Try using a shape and setting the background as an image as a way to display the image. Appears to work (unintentionally) on one of our projects.

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Even if the solutions @codurly and @J805 suggested do work, there are still many ways that this can be done. For example, through the “Sources” tab in Inspect Element.
This is a feature built in pretty much all browsers and cannot be controlled by Bubble.


Ya. But at least it prevents the majority of people out there. I would suggest watermarking it as well if it is really important.

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