Set the transparncy of an image?

I cannot find the option to set the transparency of an image. How am I missing this or does it not exist currently as an option?

Hey Cwinhall,

I’m not quite sure I follow the question - but as for transparency on images, you’ll need to ensure the file format is set to PNG with a transparent layer. There are no options within the Bubble editor to transfer images into transparent elements.

You can of course set elements such as shapes, groups, text…to have no background fill, by selecting ‘Background’ = None.

Hi Luke, thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the confusion. I actually mean opacity as appose to transparency.

Oh I see.

In that case, unfortunately from memory there isn’t a style option for that on a image and also if you use the :imgix modifier with an image, there still isn’t the option to set the opacity value. Funny enough I added this to the forum posts of ideas, so fingers crossed the addition comes along.

For now there are 2 workarounds. 1 is from the image source, so in photoshop do the opacity change there and save for web and devices, then re-upload. 2nd option is to expose the elements ID in your Bubble editor and then to use some simple CSS.

If you need any further info give me a shout.

This lesson from LearnTo may point you in the right direction.

It’s a minor hack for how to apply a gradient (or sort of transparency) to an image.


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