Preventing API Responses to SAVE


referencing this post, which got no responses yet (except of mine).

I am calling many APIs within an application, which are returning images files. I am displaying the image files and saving the links to the files on the users, however do not want to have them saved in my File Storage. How can I disable that?


If the API return a file/image type, there’s no way to prevent the API to save it. If the API return an url of the file, if you save this url, it’s doesn’t added to your Bubble storage if you don’t use :saved to s3.

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Indeed, made this work by saving the text of the API call and not the file.

Thanks Jici!

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how did you end up doing that? I have the same issue, I dont want the image to save to the file manager, but it does everytime i call the api

If the API return a file, not url, you need to save it somewhere. If the API return annurl, it will not be saved to file manager/ Bubble storage