Prevent API response image to auto save in file manager

I’m integrating with an API that returns an image as a response, but everytime I call the API, it returns an image and automatically saves this image to the file manager. I use an external cloud storage service, then I’d rather the images to be uploaded to my external storage service, instead. Or just prevent bubble to save it automatically.

Is there a way to achieve this in bubble?

Any help is appreciated!!

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Hi Caiohm,
could you come up with a solution for that by now?

Hi datproto, I’m sorry for the late.
In my case, I was connecting with a CDN service through API, until I realize that it wasn’t needed to use the API Connector, I just formed the images url directly on the image element.

If that is your use case too, I think doing same as me would work fine. But I didn’t find any solution to retrieve images through API Connector without saving it in Bubble’s File Manager

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