Preventing multiple clicks of a Button inside a Repeating group


I have a "Print "button inside a repeating group that is supposed to 1) Print the details of the said record as a pdf 2) create an audit trail entry that print was done.

Problem is that if the button is clicked multiple times in quick succession , it creates multiple pdf and creates multiple records in the audit trail

I wanted to disable the button for 2 sec. I tried this using a custom state called “Recently Pressed” - Yes/no and changing the custom state to “Yes” and making the element isn’t clickable as a conditional.

The problem is that I want to add another step after a pause of 2 second that makes the custom state to No. this reversal cannot be in the original workflow because this pauses the pdf generation too.

But I am unable to access the custom state from outside the repeating group to reverse the custom state. of the specific button.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: The custom state method works well for buttons that are not part of a repeating group.

You could still use the custom state method I believe, just that instead of updating the state directly when you press the button in the same workflow, you can add an action outside of it. This way, when the state changes to “paused,” the state switches after 2 seconds and performs the actions needed to rewind things. Something similar to this:

ok. thanks. will try and inform it works